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About our platform and news

We use in-silico modeling through our partnership with cytosolve and association with leading medical institutions to find a cure for pancreatuic cancer from multi-combination ingredients including drugs, nutraceuticalsand food.

The platform

CannabiSolve™ provides technology and services towards accelerating drug development using an integrative platform for quantitative modeling of complex molecular pathways.  The platform uses in-silico modeling to bridge in-vitro testing with human clinical trials with the goal of eliminating animal experimentation.  CannabiSolve™ is built on the foundation of Computational biology, a field that is in rapid transition from diagrammatic representation of pathways to quantitative and predictive mathematical models, which span time-scales, knowledge domains and spatial-scales. This transition is being accelerated by high-throughput experimentation which isolates reactions and their corresponding rate constants.

Biomolecular pathways are building blocks of cellular biochemical function.  CannabiSolve™ offers a new system for integrating an ensemble of such distributed biochemical network models.  Rapid growth in the number of biochemical network models, created in different formats, across different computing systems, with minimal input and output information, necessitates the need for such a system in order to build large scale models in a flexible and scalable manner.

We use CannabiSolve™ platform for drug development in the fields of vaccines, liver cancer and heart disease. We also provide opportunities for commercial companies such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies to work with us to use the CannabiSolve™ platform for supporting their internal drug development process.



02/21/13 Thomas Zawacki, entrepreneur and internet marketing specialist, joined the CannabiSolve board

01/18/13 Deepak Chopra, the famous alternative medicine expert and author, joins the board of CannabiSolve, Inc.

10/19/12 CannabiSolve, Inc. completed first round of angel investment